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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Solutions

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Solutions

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Packages Draw Traffic.

Google Adwords:

By far the largest network, Google dominates with more than 36% of web searches*. Our Search Engine Marketing Specialists are well versed in Google bidding and they utilize proven techniques and proprietary software for Keyword list building, ad campaign management and conversion tracking and enhancement.

Yahoo! Search Marketing: The second largest ad network with over 24% of Internet searches. Our SEMs build and manage accounts through Yahoo!'s array of products from Local Search to Content MatchTM. We have expertise in driving successful campaigns through Yahoo!.

MSN Search is the #3 largest paid search provider with over 15% of web Searches. We have experience in running accounts in the current MSN ad system and are prepared to run your campaign.

Our SEM Campaigns Include:

  • Competitive Tracking: We take this a step further by constantly evaluating your competition over time to delineate successful competitive campaigns and failing ones. This assists in pinpointing key-phraseology that is proving successful for them.
  • In-depth Competitive Analysis: We evaluate the top competition for your target Key-terms.
  • Key-term list building: Defining targeted key-terms, drill-down terms and misspellings (Drill-down terms like "sports shoes blue white size nine" provide higher quality traffic than generic/general terms like "sports shoes" while being less expensive. building a targeted list of Drill-down terms can provide similar amounts of traffic with a higher conversion rate and a much smaller budget).
  • Analytics and reporting: We provide in-depth reports on traffic, key-term success, conversion and other important metrics.
  • Conversion optimization

* Source: Media Metrics