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Internet Web Marketing (SEO/SEM/Social Media Campaigns)

Want your business services or products to be found on the web?


Infoworkz offers full-service SEO packages at every price level to meet your goals and website needs. Once a website is built and indexed online, if you would like to continue seeing your site rise in the ranking results on the major search engines, SEO maintenance will work to accomplish that - complete SEO services that help your website to continue to rise in the rankings so it can bring in more reliable revenue.
We believe that you should have a bird’s-eye-view of the SEO work we’re doing for you. As a result, we can send you monthly reports that track your site’s exact placement in the major search engines. With this full visibility, you can then easily monitor the progress of your SEO investment.

We work directly with your website programmers to ensure everything is coded correctly for optimal results. If any of the programming requirements are missing, we will add them in for you at no additional charge. You’ll be working directly with an SEO specialist and project manager, and they are available to answer any questions you have along the way. Let us help you achieve these kinds of results for your website.
We offer multiple packages to suit any type of website. Our Starter package focuses on up to 3 organic keywords and is ideal for those just getting started with SEO. Our Intermediate package will take your SEO to the next level, focusing on 6 to 10 organic keywords. For those looking to maximize the results of their SEO efforts, our Advanced package will provide serious results as it focuses on 11 to 15 organic keywords. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Packages Deliver Results. Contact one of our SEO representatives today for more information on web marketing offerings!


Our Search Engine Marketing solutions range from Pay-Per-Click advertising, to social media advertising. 

Our SEM Campaigns Include:

Competitive Tracking: We take this a step further by constantly evaluating your competition over time to delineate successful competitive campaigns and failing ones. This assists in pinpointing key-phraseology that is proving successful for them.

In-depth Competitive Analysis: We evaluate the top competition for your target Key-terms.
Key-term list building: Defining targeted key-terms, drill-down terms and misspellings (Drill-down terms like "sports shoes blue white size nine" provide higher quality traffic than generic/general terms like "sports shoes" while being less expensive. building a targeted list of Drill-down terms can provide similar amounts of traffic with a higher conversion rate and a much smaller budget).

Analytics and reporting: We provide in-depth reports on traffic, key-term success, conversion and other important metrics.
Conversion optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Social Media Campaigns

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